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If You Rely on Public Relations As Your Saving Grace, Think Again

One of the most common misunderstandings about public relations is that it is a guaranteed source of income. This is not the case, however. In reality, it's worth a lot more than that. A well-executed public relations campaign is an investment in a company's, brand's, or individual's long-term prosperity and success. The only requirement is that one has patience. Here you go For THe pr agency in Delhi

A few years back, a customer referred our business to two friends who were ready to launch an off-Broadway production that was semi-autobiographical. Depending on the success of the show, it will open in three months and run indefinitely at the theatre.

Following a very productive conversation, we were assured that they understood that publicity would only be used to raise awareness of the concert and that it would be used in conjunction with other forms of exposure, such as advertising and marketing.

Soon after, we struck the ground running and secured them a significant quantity of national press coverage, which included everything from magazine cover stories to blurbs to feature articles. However, as the show's launch date approached, the client's expectations began to shift. What began as a desire for any coverage quickly transformed into the expectation that we would only be able to get the show exposure in top-tier publications. Furthermore, they had canceled their contract with their marketing and advertising agency, with efforts ending before they ever began. The show then premiered, and the reviews were mixed.go For THe Delhi pr agencies

We switched to Plan B right away. We suggested to the customer that we start shifting the emphasis away from reviews and toward the more feature-oriented press. They didn't, however, agree. Soon after, the seats began to fill up, and the show was playing to an empty theatre is only a few weeks.

That's when we realized they weren't on the same page any longer. In fact, they had invested all they had, even their home, in this play. And they expected us to fill the seats only through public relations efforts. The PR agency was put under immediate pressure, with the expectation that we would be in charge of boosting ticket sales. When that didn't happen, the finger was pointed carelessly at us. Are you looking best pr agency in Delhi

We chose to end our relationship with them shortly after that. But we also learned a vital lesson in the process — one that we encounter on a regular basis — that all clients have varied expectations of public services.

Some people expect PR to do exactly what it's supposed to do: raise awareness; some people want it to correct a misunderstanding about their product or service; some people expect it to produce sales right away, and some people expect it to turn them into an overnight celebrity.

When considering employing a publicist or a PR firm, there are five things to keep in mind.

First, while press coverage generated by public relations activities often leads to sales indirectly, PR is not intended to be used as a sales tool. Instead, it is largely aimed to enhance a brand or individual exposure and establish an industry reputation. The trick is to be consistent.

Second, do not rely exclusively on a public relations strategy to ensure the success of your business. It is an important tool, but it is not a cure-all. There must be many various factors at work, just as there must be in any firm. For example, if you don't have a good distribution strategy in place, consumers will have a difficult time finding your products, and whatever press coverage you get would be ineffective. Furthermore, if you do not use a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes marketing and advertising, your Public Relations strategy will have a limited influence. All other components of the marketing "tree" must work in unison with a true public relations campaign. It'd be like trying to drive a car with no transmission or a bike with only a drivetrain and no steering.

Third, while monetizing public relations activities is challenging, if not impossible, one of the most generally used strategies for establishing whether or not you have recouped your investment is to divide the cost of your PR services by the amount of ad equivalency value you have received. For example, if you hire a public relations agency for $5,000 per month and they land you a cover story in a magazine, and an ad of the same size in that journal normally costs $10,000, you've already recouped your investment. Consider it over the course of a year. Your PR agency may create over $1 million in ad equivalent value in a year for only $60,000 in fees. That's a conservative estimate, by the way.

Fourth, once you've started a Public Relations campaign with your company, don't keep changing your objectives or goals. If you go into the campaign expecting merely local or regional press coverage, don't expect your publicity staff to raise the bar every time that coverage fails to deliver the results you were looking for. This not only sends a message to your PR agency and the general public that you don't comprehend your own message, but it also produces a stop/start momentum that can be harmful to your PR campaign, and your PR business will have to constantly re-focus its plan.for more info visit

Fifth, even if you believe your product is the best on the market, not everyone will agree. For one media outlet, your product or service might be the best thing since sliced bread, but not for another. If you're hoping to appear on Oprah or Ellen but don't have a compelling tale to back it up, you should temper your expectations.

Remember that if you approach your PR campaign with an open mind and provide your PR agency with clear goals and expectations, you will almost always be successful. 123 Bytes
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