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Best sector for buying an apartment in Islamabad and why?  


Buying a new house or apartment of your choice is not an easy task especially in bigger cities like Islamabad. The first and most important decision that you have to make before purchasing an apartment is to decide the locality of your residence and search for Properties For Sale in Islamabad. A number of sub-factors are at play that can affect your choice of a residential area. For instance, most prefer to live close to their workplace or their children’s educational institutions.


Regardless of the location of your workplace, some areas of Islamabad are always easily accessible. Certain places in Islamabad offer so many advantages to you that, it’s easy to make a choice when considering all the factors. So, if you want to buy an apartment in Islamabad, then this article will make your choice much easier. I am going to introduce a sector of Islamabad where you can easily buy an apartment at a very affordable price. 


Sector G-11 Islamabad 

Sector G-11 Islamabad is an administrative unit in zone one of Islamabad. It is the focal point of urban Islamabad. The following characteristics of this sector make it your first choice for living. 


The most prominent feature of this sector is its location as it is almost the center of urban Islamabad. You can have easy access to all other sectors of Islamabad. Either you want to move towards Margala hills or towards Rawalpindi, sector G-11 facilitates you with the shortest routes and saves your precious time and look for Homes For Sale in Islamabad. This sector is at the bank of Kashmir Expressway, and that can be considered to be one of the biggest advantages of this sector. You can easily move outside the city via Kashmir Expressway. 

M1 and M2 are just at a 15 min drive from G-11. So, no matter whether you want to move towards lower Punjab or want to see the beauties of northern areas of Pakistan, you can move to have easy access from G-11 Islamabad. If you like to travel in public transports, the G-9 Markaz is just a few kilometers away, and from you there you can easily go anywhere in the city. If you want to become a resident of this prime location of Islamabad, search online portals like Gharbaar for an Properties For Rent in Islamabad. The site offers you a huge variety of houses and apartments in G-11 at very affordable prices to choose from.

  1. The prime location of G-11 is not just about the distances, it also gives you easy access to the renowned educational institutions of Islamabad. International Islamic University and National University of Science and Technology, both are just a few kilometers away from G-11. If you want to go to any of these institutions, you just need to cross the Kashmir Highway and your destination will be in front of you. 
  2. G-11 Markaz is a state of the art market and business hub of this sector where you can buy all of your basic necessities. A number of modern hospitals are also located in this sector.

You can buy your own house or apartment in this sector at very reasonable prices. This sector offers you the houses of 5,8,10 and 20 Marlas. You can also have the opportunity to buy a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. Now you can buy the house or apartment of your dreams at Gharbaar and can get help with Homes For Rent in Islamabad. The site helps its customers make every deal and transaction more transparent and secure. 


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